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Frequently Asked Questions

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So why exactly do I need Bluff My Call?

Are you kidding? Didn't you ever want to make an anonymous call? Or block your number so the person wouldn't know who was really calling? Or record a call so you could save it or play it back? Imagine you're a professional playing hooky on the golf course and you want the call to look like it's coming from the office. Or you're a business man and you want to re-check your phone orders. Or just a kid who wants to play a prank. Come on. Just go read the Features section.

Will any of my personal information be given to outside parties?

Not a chance in the world! Bluff My Call believes in protecting our customers. We go to extreme lengths to ensure that your data is not revealed to any outside party (unless required by law). For a totally traceless transaction, our prepaid hard cards can be purchased in retail outlets and on eBay.

All of the services offered by Bluff My Call are 100% legal throughout the U.S. and most other parts of the world. Of course it is against the law to change your caller id to commit a crime or to conduct any illegal activity (duh), and some states may require the consent of both parties in order to record a conversation, but it is perfectly legal to do everything we advertise. Masses of people—even law enforcement and government agencies - are using products like ours every day.

Can I even change my Caller ID internationally?

With Bluff My Call, you can! We are the only provider that has international capabilities. This is just one of the features that separates us from all the others. You can even change your voice and record your conversation on international calls. With Bluff My Call, you can change your caller id from anywhere to anywhere in the whole world. Well, maybe not everywhere, but over 95% of where people are. If we don't have a local or toll free access number in your country, then we even have a way for you to initiate the call from our website. Since the way calls are connected varies from country to country, if the caller id you are does not show up, just let us know and we'll do our best to fix the problem. If we can't, we'll give you a credit.

Are there any cancellation fees?

We're not really sure who would want to cancel in the first place, but to answer the question - NO! You can close your account with Bluff My Call at any time, with no fees. Read our Terms and Conditions and see for yourself.

Can I dial the Bluff My Call access number from any phone?

Yes! You can dial into Bluff My Call from any cell phone, landline, traditional VoIP service, or even payphone. Remember though, that it is cheaper to use our service when you dial our local numbers. Also remember that there may not be local access numbers available in your country. In that case, go to our Web Calling feature and tell us the number of the phone that you would like to use to place the call and our system will call you. Simple enough?!

Can my calls be traced?

No, there is no way anyone will be able to trace the call. No one will be able to *69 or find out the number that you really dialed from. Bluff My Call guarantees your anonymity.

How can I use all or some of the services provided by Bluff My Call?

It's sooo easy. There are instructions for each service on our Product Features page. Also, be sure to take advantage of our Phone Book features, as these will make your life so much simpler. Whether for business or pleasure, the tools we provide cannot be found anywhere else. They are really terrific, - Do yourself a favor and check them out.

I am a professional. Is there anything you can do for me?

Believe it or not, you are the person who can most benefit from the amazing array of services that we offer. In addition to other features, we can give you a log of the time, date, and length of every call that you make, in addition to a recording of that call and a separate recording of any notes you want to make about that call. And all of this data can be saved, archived and retrieved at any time, from anywhere. Even if you never change a single caller ID, for pennies you have access to an invaluable accounting and billing tool that would require an entire office staff to duplicate.

Does your Voice Changer sound like those other companies?

No way! Once again, Bluff My Call has taken the lead. Our voice changer was built with the latest, most sophisticated audio technology and works unbelievably better and for no extra charge. It's even available on our Prepaid and Unlimited options as well.

Will my real number show up on the phone bill of anyone I called?

Of course not. The only number they will EVER see is the one you want them to see.

Can I use any Caller ID?

Yes! You can use any valid phone number, even international numbers! Not only that, but the name registered for the number you chose will also show up on their Caller ID.

What other services does Bluff My Call offer?

Our research and development team is continually coming out with incredible new features, but they can custom configure just about anything you want your phone to do. Feel free to tell us your needs or ideas and we will do our best to see what we can do.

Is Bluff My Call for me?

If you use a phone, then it's for you! Whether for business or pleasure, luxury or necessity, Bluff My Call has everything you've been looking for!

Still more questions? No problem! Just contact: [email protected]

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