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Online Affiliate Marketing

Professional Marketers - Whether you are an affiliate with a major network such as CJ, NeverBlue, CPA Empire, Azoogle or many others; whether you get clicks from CPA's, CPC's, Email's, Coupon codes or any other means, WE WANT YOUR TRAFFIC! Let us know your preferred network, or contact us to discuss which network may best suit your needs. We are sure that we have what you are looking for!

Newcomers - We know you love our product and we would love to help you turn it into a money maker for yourself as well! Send us an email at [email protected] and we will have one of our affiliate marketing specialists contact you to come up with a way to arrange a very beautiful, very mutually profitable relationship!

Wholesale Distribution

Current Distributor - If you currently distribute other products, then we would love for you to distribute ours as well. We have the type of item that not only appeals to everyone, it also has the potential to enhance just about every site on the web. You would be shocked to know the variety of distribution partners we have and how well they are doing with our products. We offer private labels, multiple languages and exclusive territories. It' s worth the call to see just what we can do for your business.

New Distribution - We get multiple calls from individuals and businesses that want to know how they can make a lot of money with our products. We tell them! Bluff My Call has created a lot of opportunities for a lot of people. If you think you have what it takes, then give us a call at 866-553-1790 and let's work together to get you started. It's an unbelievably big world out there, so there's plenty of room for everyone.

Network / Social Marketing

If you are a really popular/successful guy/gal, with an extensive network of friends/family/business associates/schoolmates/fans, etc., you'd be surprised at how easily you could sell a ton of our products. Whether you have thousands of friends on a social networking site, know hundreds of people around town, live on a great college campus or belong to a decent-sized social organization, we can design a custom-made product that will enable you to directly distribute our product yourself, cutting out the middleman and keeping all of the profits for yourself, with no overhead whatsoever! Give us a call and see for yourself. Making money by capitalizing on connections you already have couldn't be easier.

Private Labels

Bluff My Call also offers private labels for a variety of channels in many different fields. We have designed unique items and packaging for the spy industry, medical associations, cellular chain outlets and many more. For those interested, please contact 1-800-951-1545. If you are a private retailer or distributor and interested in offering Bluff My Call cards to your customers, please contact [email protected] (or fill out this form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.)


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