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About Us

We are a brand new company with years and years of telecommunication experience. It goes like this: we are a group of techies working at the forefront of the latest technologies who wanted to take the best of what was on the market and put it together and create one unbelievable product---something that would combine many good ideas into one product that can do it all. Yes, we wanted to be able to do everything that the other guys do, to be able to change Caller IDs and to really be able to disguise our voices; but we also wanted to be able to call to and from anywhere in the world at any time, and to create a truly unique business tool by adding features such as notes after a call, a phone book, and a call log that links with Outlook, and to be able to manage everything from a web control panel. And along the way, we wanted to have a good time and to make a few dollars.

So we assembled a team of the best and what you see is the result of a true labor of love and a lot of hard work. We're delighted with our new company and our first product and we know you will be too. bluffmycall.com is just the beginning. Our company name is Bluff My Call, Inc. and we're located in the heart of New Jersey. Remember our name. Watch for us. We'll have just what you want. Guaranteed.

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