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Frequently Asked Questions

I placed my call, but Bluff My Call dialed a completely different number!

In order to make calls using Bluff My Call's advanced features, your calls are sent through one of our 'Access Numbers.' If you live in America, this number will probably start with 212. When your call is placed, stay on the line as your call is being connected.. This approach offers additional benefits as well—in some cases it's actually cheaper (and sometimes free) to dial internationally with Bluff My Call.

What Company Name shows up on my Billing Statement?

You will see a charge for "Advanced Call Technologies".

I got an "AVS Mismatch'. What does that mean?

AVS is "Address Verification System". You can get an "AVS Mismatch" for many reasons. When you get an "AVS Mismatch" your bank puts a hold on the amount you tried to purchase. We did NOT charge you and DO NOT have your money. Your bank usually releases the hold within 48 hours. If you continue to get "AVS Mismatch" and would like alternate payment methods, please Contact Us here. We can assure you we have no payments from you and have not taken any money from you.

Can I make Free calls?

You can only call to the US, Canada and select international numbers, but can call from anywhere. There is a limit of one (1) minute per call. The voice changer, and recording features are not available.

How do I make an international calls, or have an international number as the Bluff Caller ID?

For BOTH Calling and Bluffing any International (non-USA) number you must enter a "+" then the Country code and the number. For example if you had the United Kingdom phone number (0)1234-56-78, your would enter this into Bluff My Call as +44-12345678 or 011-44-12345678.

You don't have a local access number for my country. What can I do?

Please email us and let us know where you're calling from and we will look into getting local numbers in your country.

What is Bluff My Call?

Bluff My Call is the service provider behind all these amazing features. Bluff My Call Mobile is a program for your iPhone or BlackBerry that lets you use the Bluff My Call service quickly and easily. When initiating a call with Bluff My Call Mobile, your call details are securely passed off to the Bluff My Call servers, which then we connect your call.

If I Sign Up for an Account, Will I Lose My Free Call Records?

Not at all. When signing up for an account inside Bluff My Call Mobile, all your free call detail records will be transferred to your newly created account.

I already pay my mobile carrier, why would I need to pay for this too?

The features offered by Bluff My Call Mobile are so advanced that it is currently not possible to use them with any existing cell phone carrier. In order to offer these great features, your calls must be sent through Bluff My Call's state of the art network. Bluff My Call charges money to compensate themselves for the expenses incurred when connecting your call.

What are Bluff My Call's dialing rates?

Please see our rates page