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How to get Bluff My Call Mobile

Table of Contents

Installing Bluff My Call Mobile: Blackberry

Installing is easy! Navigate your phones browser to our download page

Once you've downloaded the application your phone may ask you to reboot. This is completely normal. Once you have finished rebooting you can click on the Bluff My Call icon and start making calls!

On some phones the application permissions are strict by default. This may cause the application to function improperly. If you are getting permission warnings on startup or Bluff My Call Mobile isnt launching you may have to change your application permissions.

In order to do this, please go into the options menu and select "Advanced Options" then select "Applications". Once in the Applications menu please locate BluffMyCall and click the blackberry menu. After you open the blackberry menu click on "Edit Permissions" make sure all three options are set to allow! This should fix any permission errors with the app.

Installing Bluff My Call Mobile: iPhone

Before Installing

Bluff My Call Mobile is currently not available through the Apple iPhone App Store. In order to install Bluff My Call Mobile, you must:

  • JailBreak your iPhone or iPod Touch:
  • Upgrade to the latest (at least 2.2) firmware. Some features may not work with previous firmware versions.
  • Select from one of our installation methods below:

Installing Through Cydia

Once you've jailbroken and upgraded your iPhone or iPod Touch, you should have a new app installed called "Cydia". Cydia is similar to the official App Store but offers a great variety of apps that can not be found elsewhere.

Click the Cydia icon to load the installer. Once it's loaded, click the "Search" icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and search for "Bluff My Call Mobile". When Bluff My Call Mobile shows up in the list, click it to go to the details page.

On the details page you should see an icon in the top right corner that says "Install". Click Install. On the next page you will be shown further details. Click "Confirm" in the top right corner.

Once the download finishes, go back to the SpringBoard and click on the Bluff My Call Mobile icon and enjoy!

If the Bluff My Call Mobile app icon does not appear after a successful install, Try going back into Cydia and installing the free app named "Categories". You shouldn't even need to run Catagories as the Bluff My Call Mobile icon will typically appear after the install.

DISCLAIMER: Bluff My Call does not accept responsibility for any damage that may be caused to your phone by "jailbreaking" and/or using the Bluff My Call Mobile program. ibluff is distributed without WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY to the maximum extent allowed by law, without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Furthermore BSD Telecom, Inc. does not endorse taking any actions which may violate your agreements with other organizations.

Installing Bluff My Call Mobile: Android

Installing is easy! Navigate your phones browser to

Please be aware you may get warnings about this application accessing your phone's private information. This is normal since our application allows intergration with your phonebook, and needs the ability to write configuration data to your phone.