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In order to start developing with our system you will need a developer key. This will allow your application to talk with our api. Once your key is assigned to you, all you will need to do in order to begin using our api is add key=<key> to your parameter list when requesting from our api.

Our service features

Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed to integrate our service into your application! Please keep in mind that with our service there are two tiers of service.

We also have three great apps already created using our api. Please check out the following as an example of what you can do with our powerful api!

Windows Mobile Project

Recently we've had a lot of interest in a windows mobile port of our bluffmycall.com mobile software. We've decided to share the progress we've made so far with the developer community and allow you to contribute and add help us make it the best! Currently the project is hosted on bitbucket. In order to obtain a copy of the project please take the following steps!

If you have any problems obtaining the source please email [email protected]

Wholesale Pins

If your looking to develop a large scale re-selling program and wish to purchase a lot of accounts in bulk, please contact [email protected]m for information on buying a large set of account numbers.